Håndholdte RFID læsere

Håndholdte RFID læsere



NordicID Morphic UHF RFID

NordicID Morphic UHF RFID

Nordic ID Morphic is a mobile computer for data collection and voice communication purposes. It offers a full range of functionalities in a small and ergonomic package.

The backwards compatibility of the device provides a neat fit with your existing systems. Data collection with the powerful Nordic ID Morphic is equally flexible, the device is equipped with a laser scanner, 2D imager or an UHF RFID reader.

Data transmission can be operated with WLAN or GPRS. Also a GSM phone option is available.  The offered functionalities make Nordic ID Morphic UHF RFID an all-around tool for professional use inside and out from four walls.
Now with the addition of Nordic ID Morphic UHF RFID to the portfolio, the retail environment has a champion performer that optimizes intuitive use and small size while providing robust features offering fast track to productivity and quick ROI.

Fast on the curve
Nordic ID Morphic's robust no-nonsense exterior incorporates an intuitive user interface with browser for a fast return on information on the shop floor.  Even novice users can quickly adapt to its practical operating logic, get on the learning curve and put it to work. Watch productivity increase as your workforce get access to valuable information that directs effective action.

Shaped to fit
Nordic ID Morphic is first and foremost a working tool. That is why we‘ve designed it to be small enough to fit comfortably in the hand. Shaped like a mobile phone it is easy to use and its operating logic is very straightforward. It will win favor with users across a range of industries and will prove rugged enough to withstand working conditions whatever the application environment. It meets the requirements of protection class IP54 and can survive a drop of 1.5m to a concrete floor.

This is a tool that won’t get put down easily or forgotten somewhere on the shop floor because it simply makes work easier.

Alien ALH-9000 & ALH-9001

Alien ALH-9000 & ALH-9001

The Alien Technology® ALH-900x family of handheld readers enables users to deploy manageable, robust, best-in class EPC Gen 2 RFID solutions for supply chain, manufacturing and asset management applications.

Key Features:

  *  Rugged, compact and lightweight for ease of use
  *  Ergonomic design provides superior user comfort
  *  Choose between Standard or High End model
      to accommodate your needs
  *  IP65 sealing for dust and water resistance
  *  Prolonged usage capabilities provided by a 3000 mAh
      lithium polymer main battery pack
  *  Standard accessories:
      -  Cradle with Ethernet and USB
      -  Gun handle
      -  Sync cable
      -  Power adapter US and EU
      -  Stylus pen
      -  Hand strap
      -  Protective film

NordicID PL3000 Cross Dipole UHF RFID

NordicID P3000 cross dipole UHF RFID reader

The RFID-Handheld PL3000 Cross Dipole UHF by Nordic ID comes with two crossed dipole aerials. Here the range of linear aerials is combined with the omnidirectionality of circular aerials by avoiding the latter’s high energy consumption.

With the innovative Cross Dipole aerial, RFID tags can be read from a distance of more than four meters. As the dipole aerials are alternately selected during the reading process, the orientation of the RFID tags to be read is irrelevant. Nordic ID PL3000 Cross Dipole can read barcodes and RFID tags in one step - even tags in a closed box can be scanned. This function is particularly convenient in textile production and also in the logistics chain where individual cardboard boxes are bundled in lots and transported on pallets. As the reading of the tags with the Cross-Dipole aerials is done in a very energy-efficient way, Nordic ID Cross Dipole can be used up to 28 hours with one battery charge.

The PL3000 Cross Dipole UHF's sophisticated ergonomic design and light weight (approx. 800g) proves that ease of handling was a main focus in the development of this Nordic ID device. With individual key light activation, software applications can be easily used even in dark environments. Due to the large display and the possibility to switch off the touch screen function, the risk of error is minimised. The device has been developed in consideration of typical practical requirements and subject to drop, splash water and dust tests. Nordic ID gives a 2-year guarantee for the PL3000 Cross Dipole UHF unit.

Combining the current Windows® CE operating system with Nordic ID software tools has been essential in contributing to the exemplary usability of this handheld device. With the improved software, RFID applications can use the entire memory. At the same time, larger and more complex applications can be run faster than ever before.

PL3000 Cross Dipole UHF is supplied with a powerful configuration package and with pre-installed NetOp Remote Management software so that the system integrator can already configure the individual devices before they are handed to the final users. At the same time, NetOP software provides full control of the devices by enabling functions like Interactive Guidance and server-initiated OS software updates.
The software applications for PL3000 Cross Dipole UHF range from Naurtec Terminal emulations to Ideam application programming tools. As is the case with all Nordic ID devices, PL3000 Cross Dipole UHF combines up-to-date standard communication in one device. With technologies like GPRS/EDGE, WLAN, Bluetooth and USB, this handheld can be linked to the back office, securing a seamless flow of information. 

NordicID PL3000 UHF RFID 200 mW

NordicID PL3000 UHF RFID 200 mW

The Nordic ID PL3000 UHF RFID combines innovative UHF RFID technology with high reading performance (200 mW). This mobile computer is used to read and write RFID tags, 1D and 2D barcodes can be read optionally. The UHF reader enables you to specifically process either individual tags or a whole group of them- up to a distance of 1.6m. With these prerequisites, you can easily reach excellence in all industry, retail and logistics applications. Stay in touch with your company network, regardless of where you are. The Nordic ID PL series covers all established transmission standards like Summit WLAN, Bluetooth, GPRS, Edge and 3G. Designed for single-hand control, equipped with a long-life battery, as well as being extremely robust, these devices are always the first choice where excellence is required.

ERGONOMIC AND POWERFULIn use, Nordic ID PL3000 UHF RFID proves user-friendly and cost-efficient. Thanks to its ergonomic design, the robust handheld computer can be swiftly operated with one hand. Moreover, the intuitively operated Windows® interface requires but little training, immediately enabling you to fully work with the new system and to achieve benefit from it. The large, illuminated colour display ensures good readability even in poorly lit areas. It can be controlled with a stylus or your finger and ensures good readability even in poorly lit areas. The low energy consumption guarantees a long service life even with RFID operation.

The handheld computer runs the operating system Windows® Embedded CE 6.0 and has enormous capacities for quick and trouble-free data processing: the high-performance 32 bit processor uses up to 128 MB RAM. It can be optionally extended using SD/MMC cards. With the flexible power package Nordic ID PL3000 UHF RFID you are well equipped for RFID future – whatever the use or type of application.